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Lawrence Precision - titanium rifle
Rifle Building

In order to create a unique Rifle, we have started from the ground up. Using our own unique super light receiver, built from High Strength Aerospace Grade Titanium, our super strong lightweight Carbon fibre stock, Match grade barrel and trigger, we have created an ultra light and accurate rifle.

Proven reliability and performance, weighing a mere 2.3 KG*

When incorporated with our Titanium Sound Moderators and Scope Mounts, this produces a unique ultra light winning combination.

*May change with calibre

Each and every rifle receiver, starts out life as a solid billet of highest quality certificated Titanium, chosen to be the best available grade for its suitability to the task in hand. This includes several heat treatments, to ensure both toughness and durability, from surface to core, creating a durable feel of quality.

All cylindrical surfaces, internal and external, are first bored, then finish ground for concentricity, and then finally honed and hand finished. Machined at full hardness, to ensure end results. This ensures a true and straight marriage between barrel and scope.

Lawrence Precision - titanium rifle

Our bolts are again of the 3 lug design, incorporating a Titanium bolt handle. Made from High Grade modern steel.

Each bolt goes through several heat treatment processes, finally being hardened and finish ground, to create a super smooth and unmistakable slick feel to the cycling of the rifle.


We only use the very best world class match grade sporting barrels, from a manufacturer whom warrants their product. After fitting and chambering is completed, Proof testing is then carried out at either the London or Birmingham proof house.

Lawrence Precision - titanium rifle
Scope Mounts

Our Scope mounts are made in house, using our own unique design, bolting directly to our receiver, without any adaptors. Milled from a single billet of High Grade Titanium, to ensure a strong and solid connection of Telescopic sight to our Rifles.

This ensures against scope creep, and offers an accurate connection between components. If you have a favourite scope mount of your own choice, we are able also to offer bespoke mounting holes to facilitate their fitment to our receiver.


Simon, I finally took delivery of the Rifle and Moderator on Friday. It was quickly zeroed and I have been stalking since ! All who saw the moderator were suitably impressed. It is obviously very well made and incredibly light. Two points. i have 2 friends who wish to place orders with you, so i have passed your details on kind regards,